• Curriculum

    Preschool Program

    Our curriculum is dedicated to nurturing the child’s inherent curiosity by enabling them to explore and discover. Children learn through touch, movement and observation. Our learning materials are provocative yet simple, and are carefully designed to appeal to children at a given level of early development. The tables and chairs are child-sized, and the materials are all within easy reach and laid out in an organized, inviting arrangement.



    The curriculum is divided into four areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Cultural subjects.


    Practical life


    This includes activities from the child’s life like buttoning, zipping, snapping, tying shoelaces, pouring water and other skills to help the child develop fine-motor skills. Children find these activities exciting as it allows them to imitate adults. These activities also make children independent and help them become attentive by following a sequence of actions. This prepares their hands indirectly for writing and mind indirectly for arithmetic and logical thinking.




    The Sensorial area allows children to acquire information by using their senses. A selection of items of different size, shape, colour, weight, taste, texture and smell help children understand important concepts (for e.g. difference between short and tall, narrow and wide etc). This helps them make sense of the world around them and in turn prepares the child for all other areas of learning especially arithmetic, language, geometry and physics.




    This includes learning about plants, animals, geography, music, art and craft. This gives them an opportunity to express themselves creatively and pursue their individual passions.




    These activities are designed to teach not only reading and writing, but also comprehension of what the child reads.Through language and exploration, the child will be able to express thoughts and understand and interpret the thoughts of others. The language activities range from the initial alphabet to basic concepts of grammar and word study with extensive reading activities that make language an enjoyable experience.




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