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    At Little Newton Montessori, we gently help children explore and learn at their own pace in an environment that sparks creativity and excellence!

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    Little Newton Montessori School is a very special place. In early 2016, I was frustrated at not being able to find a good Montessori school in Chandra Layout for my son. I had to enroll him to a school in Indiranagar and go through the hassle of travelling back and forth for two years.


    During this time, I decided to bring education that puts children at its heart to Chandra Layout. I underwent rigorous training and received international certification in Montessori teaching from Florida Montessori Center and worked as a teacher at Flomont World school.


    I then went on to open the school with the help of my husband in 2018. This is how Little Newton Montessori was born!

  • Curriculum

    Our curriculum is dedicated to nurturing the child’s inherent curiosity by enabling them to explore and discover. Children learn through touch, movement and observation. Our learning materials are provocative yet simple and are carefully designed to appeal to children at a given level of early development. The tables and chairs are child-sized, and the materials are all within easy reach and laid out in an organized, inviting arrangement.


    The curriculum is divided into four areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Cultural subjects.


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    Research shows that children develop their motor skills, cognitive ability, creativity, and imagination more readily when they are active. They learn by experiencing the world using all of their senses. Montessori education involves three important elements in learning - Brain, Senses and Muscles...
    Montessori method of teaching encourages students to use their senses to learn new things. Hence, you won’t find timesheets or flashcards! You’ll be surprised that children use and explore 9 senses as opposed to the widely-known 4 senses. This is easy for you to adapt in your home environment. ...
    Children are born curious and enter the world with a desire to learn how the world works. This motivates them to seek out new experiences and the world becomes an endless source of wonder to a child. It is important to nurture this curiosity and motivation that comes naturally to children. The...
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